Money Transfer

Receiving Money

Collecting money through MoneyGram is a simple procedure and is usually completed in a few minutes.

After being informed by the sender of the transfer being initiated, he or she should provide you with a unique 8 digit reference number.

With this reference number, please go to the nearest MoneyGram agent with a valid proof of identification with you.

After confirming your identity, distribution point staff will enter the transfer data into the computer system and you only need to sign a Money Transfer Receive form.

This completed, you are paid the transfered amount in cash.

Sending Money

oSending money with MoneyGram is a simple procedure and is usually completed within few minutes.

All you need to do is go to your nearest MoneyGram agent with a proof of identification. Once there, you fill a Money Transfer Send Form and pay in cash.

MoneyGram collection point staff will process your transaction and give you a 8 digit reference number which you should pass to the receiver.

After this, you can inform the receiver and give him/her the reference number.

Your authorized receiver can go to any MoneyGram point, anywhere in the world and collect the transfered amount.

The whole procedure should not take more than ten minutes (subject to local regulations and agent opening hours).

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